Yoly is focused on several high profile market opportunities which include political campaign intelligence and consumer brand awareness.

Yoly Political Insight - Provides detailed web forensics information to assist political campaign leaders with developing best in class campaign strategies using online media.

Yoly Brand Insight - Provides detailed web forensics information on consumer brands that have an online presence. This actionable intelligence can assist brand marketers with maximizing the brand equity, positioning and messaging of their product or service by gaining an understanding of the value of their brand online.

Social Media Information Overload

Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Flickr, Ning, LinkedIn, Xing, ... How do you keep up with every social network. Not to mention the 10-15 blogs that you want to keep up with. It is impossible to find things through the chatter of all of the user generated online content that is available. Individual and Companies are starting to become overwhelmed with all of the data that there is on the internet. People need a place to get a picture of what is going on with this online social capital.

Our online website is not just another social media aggregator that brings information from different social media sites. It also aggregates information from traditional Web 1.0 sites and mashes that data with Web 2.0 data. Yoly then takes all of the data it has aggregated and creates a social information ecosystem unique to the customer or company. Yoly can watch the ecosystem as a whole entity, instead of points of chatter that most social media aggregators.

Yoly offers customers a hosted SaaS solution that comprises of four different product offerings: Yoly Insight, Enhance, Alert, and Protect.

Yoly Insight

Gives customers a picture of their brand online ecosystem.

  • Consolidated list of online social capital

  • Map of locations of people/sites in the social ecosystem.

  • Consolidated contacts list of people in the social ecosystem

  • Mavens of the social ecosystem

  • Diagnostics of posts, comments, tweets, and articles

  • Semantic language of the social ecosystem

Yoly Enhance

Recommends actions to enhance your online presence in the ecosystem.

  • Online Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Action/Event Planner

  • Effectiveness diagnostics on the ecosystem

Yoly Alert

Constantly monitors the social ecosystem and alerts you when something has changed.

  • Threats to social brand monitor.

  • Notification escalation (email, IM, text) manager.

  • Brand Weakness diagnostics

Yoly Protect

Automatically responds to changes in the social ecosystem.

  • Catalog of social media responses

  • Automated response engine (Post repsonses from catalog)

  • Feedback into Insight product to see effectiveness of automated response.