About Us

Our mission is a two-part mission: Socially Centering People and Socially Centering Businesses. First we are creating a suite of technologies that together, under the Yoly brand, give people a Socially Centered Social Media experience that makes existing and any new social media sites functionally accessible from a single entry point with management tools over these services to enrich their relationship experience. The second mission is to package these same Yoly-branded technologies as high value services to businesses so that they may build, protect, and manage their brand and build rich relationships with their customers and employees.

The Socially Centered person will use Yoly to:

  • Access any subscribed Social Media service with a single, Yoly sign-on.

  • Subscribe to any Social Media service, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc via the Yoly Social Media catalog with new account registration or an existing account.

  • Build a communication profile that encompasses all subscribed social media services that unifies their contact list, filters and targets their communications, and builds relationships that are not confined to a single social media site.

The Socially Centered business will use Yoly-branded services to:

  • Interact in an engaging way with their customers and employees.

  • Turn their customers and employees into viral brand promoters.

  • Stop brand threats, whether direct or competitor intelligence driven, and respond quickly.

  • Recruit talented employees, including brand impact profiling based on social media information

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