Your Online You

Yoly is an early stage stealth mode company focused on providing industry leading web forensics services to create actionable intelligence for our customers and their brands. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of technology industry executives with a passion to improve the information gathering experience on the internet.

Social and You

Social Media is an information phenomenon that has never before been seen in human history. Technology has made the creation and sharing of information quick and easy. Anyone with an Internet connection can join an ongoing, 24/7 conversation with millions of other users. Everything you say, and anything anyone says about you, affects your presence online. Whether you are a business, a candidate for office, or just an ordinary person, the way people see you online affects the way they see you in reality.

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Broadcast television took 13 years to reach 50 million viewers. In less than nine months, Facebook has gained over 100 million users.

Yoly is Your Online You

How do you manage your online profiles across an increasing number of social media sites in a growing sea of communication? Using Web 2.0 technologies, Yoly developed a platform to help people create and manage their social media personalities. Aligning your online presence with your primary interests is critical to create a rewarding, rather than devastating, online persona. We call this alignment Social Centering. We have developed software, templates and best practices to help people get socially centered:

Yoly Insight

Helps you assess the way you are seen online.

Yoly Enhance

Recommends actions to enhance your presence online.

Yoly Alert

Constantly monitors your online presence and alerts you when something has changed.

Yoly Protect

Automatically responds to changes in the way people see you online.